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kevyn has been in a real funk lately.  usually she is my "less challenging" child.  (that's me finding my nice words.)  she no longer wants to go to bed at night nor does she want to go to school in the morning.  we went from easy bedtimes that took maybe 15 minutes to lots of tears and no less than a hour to get her to wind down.  and it doesn't help that i have her sharing a room with kelby and her antics sometimes wake up kelby...

on school mornings she wakes up extra grumpy.  she doesn't want to eat breakfast, or get dressed, or get in the car.  everything is a struggle.  when we pull up to her school the kid literally goes nuts.  her teacher insists that as soon as she pries her off me i leave, kevyn is completely fine and does well in class.

and her overall behavior at home has just become, well, not kevyn.  she's a grouch.  lots of negativity about everything.  it drives me nuts!

last night after saying our prayers, i asked kevyn to say another prayer with me.  we prayed that all the unkind words and thoughts would leave her heart and that her heart would only be filled with nice thoughts and words.

that lasted for about 15 seconds.  when i questioned her actions and reminded her about what we just prayed about she stated "God hasn't checked his emails yet."



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