easter 2014

hope you all had an amazing easter weekend!  i know we did!

after easter parties at school on thursday, friday we took it easy at the house.  later in the afternoon, as we had out of town family starting to arrive, we headed for my mom's house for dinner and a little easter egg dying painting.

on saturday we celebrated with my mom's side of the family at a local park.  this was a first for us as we typically have it at someone's home.  i was surprised by how well this worked out.  the weather was perfect, the kids were entertained by the ducks at the pond, the playground, and the games my aunts put together, and when it was all said and done no one had a huge mess to clean up.

these girls sure do love their older cousins!

i've debated on if i should actually explain what is going on in these pictures or just leave you wondering...  

i'll clue you in...  the game was to wrap your egg up as best you could to see if it could survive our tallest family member who is standing on a picnic table dropping it on the concrete.

this is kelby's 2nd place egg.  why 2nd place you ask?  because it had a small crack but was still not "broken."

natalie and her partner were the winners!


of course there was an egg hunt...

...which was also turned into a game.  all of the eggs were filled with tickets and the kiddos were able to spend their tickets at the store the aunts set up.

on sunday after church, we celebrated with jeff's side of the family.  as usual, the girls had such a great time playing with their cousins and hunting eggs.  i think there was close to 300 eggs hidden.  and that was for 9 kids.  they also had 26 dozen confetti eggs!

they were coming after me :)

hope you all had as much fun as we did!


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