one room challange {week 1}

i'm venturing out of my comfort zone here...  

i've decided to link up with calling it home's one room challenge!

i've followed this series a few times and love watching how other bloggers transform a space in just six weeks.  i however am cheating a little bit...  i took the "before" pics a few months ago and have already purchased a few items.  don't judge me.  ;)

so the backstory...

in December 2012 we moved into my grandparent’s home that we renovated.  we knew it would be a work in progress and figured all the small details would get done once we moved in.  ha!  2013 turned out to be a crazy year and furnishing our house was the least of our worries.  our home, as well as many other things, got neglected.  getting this house put together is one of my goals for 2014!

our home is old.  real old.  i would love to find time to go through the county records to see if i can figure out exactly how old it is.  time and the help of someone who knows how to maneuver through the records.  i tried once and didn’t get very far in the hour i was there.

the room i am choosing is our office/guest bedroom.  currently this is the catch all room.  when we first moved in, this was the room that we hid all the boxes in until we had time to unpack them.  some items just haven’t found their home yet and are still left in here.  here are all the unflattering before pictures...

i should also mention that prior to moving we sold the majority of our furniture because i knew i wanted a different look for this house.  that’s the reason for the fancy lifetime table desk.  nice.  i know.

i love this room and all its windows.  and when i sit at my computer i really like also being able to look out the front window.  many times my girls will be playing on our front porch while i work. 

my biggest challenge will be to somehow create a usable work space (including a monster printer) all while keeping the space homey enough for a guest to feel comfortable.  

Just for fun, do you want to see a picture of the room prior to our major renovation???

i hope you come back next week for some progress pictures!



  1. What an amazing space...the windows, floors, ceiling height! Welcome to the challenge, I'm so looking forward to seeing your transformation!

  2. I love old homes! Have you tried Googling you address? The year it was built should come up on Zillow, per the county tax records. I hope that helps! And I cannot wait to follow your transformation!

    The Glam Pad

  3. The before is priceless. You can't be the charm of a vintage home!!

  4. Well, first of all we post six weekly posts....it is not always done exactly on time because life gets in the way. No judgement, you should plan ahead. Getting rid of those curtains was a huge improvement. Looking forward to this. Thanks for joining in.

  5. Becky, I love your pictures. This does bring a lot of memories. Your office was the room that Joyce and I used as a bedroom. Joyce went to college, and your Mom had the advantage of moving in with me until I left for college. Guess what? After a year of college, I came back for a year and worked at a lumber yard for another year. Iris and I were roomates again until my wedding. I loved that room.


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