one room challenge {week 2}

woohoo!  it's week 2 of the one room challenge and i haven't bailed yet!  i'm going to go ahead and call this a success.  ;)

you can check out week 1 here and the rest of the one room challenge participants here.

so this week i am suppose to share what i've accomplished or learned.  what i've learned is my husband's work (and research/studying) requires a lot of paper.  piles and piles of paper.  and books.  lots of books.  we need some storage solutions for that.  (disclosure:  i'm not completely innocent when it comes to cluttering the desk.  ahem, lifetime table.)

that being said, i really don't want a bulky desk in this room due to it being a shared space with a guest bed.  i like the idea of a writing table much like this...
Pottery Barn Printer's Writing Desk

i've actually been eyeing this desk for quite some time.  this past december i called the nearest pottery barn store to see if they had it in stock.  they didn't and said it would take about two weeks to get in.  i told the salesperson how i was really hoping i could get it before christmas and she suggested i called the outlets to see if they had it in stock.  the PB outlet store is only about a 1.5 hr drive for us.  i called the outlets and they did!  three actually!  and for 1/2 off with only some minor imperfections.  score!  i asked if they could hold one for me and they couldn't.  this all was happening on like a wednesday and i knew my husband and i wouldn't be able to get there until saturday.  i called friday to see if they still had the desk and they were down to two.  it was still looking good for us.  saturday we left early and arrived shortly after they opened.  i quickly made my way to desks only to find the last printer's writing desk with A HOLD SIGN ON IT!  what?!?  i thought they couldn't hold furniture?!?  (by the way, the desk looked perfect!  i couldn't find the imperfection.)  i questioned the manager and he told me that sometimes in special situations they would hold a piece.  apparently a mom was driving 4 hrs to come pick it up for her daughter who would be receiving it for christmas.  (note to self:  next time lie and say your coming from out of state to pick up said item as a gift for my ailing grandmother.)  the manager assured me that they receive the printer's writing desk often and i should just keep calling back.  like i said, that was december.  it is now april.  i'm on a first name basis with like five of the PB outlet employees.  they know my voice and almost instantly tell me its not in as soon as i say hello.  my husband, who is tired of hearing the weekly saga, has asked me to suck it up and pay full-price several times.  i've held out until this past week and it is finally ordered.

i should mention that i did find a 3x5 brannan braided jute rug at the outlets for $30.  i was pretty pumped about that one.  it goes perfectly on the side of the bed.

so going back to the original topic of what i've accomplished...  these are the elements of the room that i've picked out so far...

2.  antique brass wall scones for the head of the bed

8.  lamps for desk

come back next week when i share a few if the DIY's we've done.



  1. I love the elements chosen for this room, especially the art by Clare Elsaesser. It's a real conversation piece.

  2. Bummer about not getting the desk at the outlet. If I had a PB outlet near me I think I'd be broke.
    Your plan looks great, looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Bummer you didn't get the desk at the outlet. Glad you got it anyway, it's really nice. Love your design plan, looking forward to seeing more.

  4. I really love your choices...pretty, calm, classic. And you can never go wrong with brass.

  5. OMG, I want everything on your board!! This is going to look awesome!

  6. Congratulations on not quitting. Your plan looks great, and I don't blame you for not wanting a chunky desk. Good luck.

  7. Hi! How do you like your PB Brannan rug? Does it shed (or is it dirty) like some jute rugs? Does it need a rug pad? It looks gorgeous, as does your room! Thank you so much.

    1. hi there! i really like this rug! because it is in our guest bedroom/office, it really doesn't get that much wear so i haven't had any problems with it shedding. and because it is so small (3x5) i didn't opt for the rug pad.

      i do however have a jute rug in our living room that sheds quite a bit. i got it off of one king's lane, not pottery barn. and because it is so big (8x10), i do use a rug pad underneath.


  8. Great--thanks very much!


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