weekend getaway - horseshoe bay, tx

happy weekend friends!  we just returned from a quick weekend trip to horseshoe bay.  we stayed at the horseshoe bay resort, but sadly i didn't take many pictures there to share.  the few pictures i did capture with my iphone were mainly of the girls doing something silly ("hey look, we're on a rock!") or other older unnamed individuals doing some crazy shenanigans.   we really did have a blast.  and, as long as they don't review their surveillance tapes and ban us from coming back, we would love to go again.

on saturday after getting breakfast from blue bonnet cafe, we dropped the guys off to play golf while the girls headed into marble falls to sweet berry farms.  holy moly.  that place is awesome.  their website states to try to come before 10 am if coming on a saturday so i was a little worried the fields would already be picked over by the time we got there around 11.  luckily that wasn't the case at all.  they have three huge fields to pick from and although two of the fields were pretty full of "pickers" there were still a ton of strawberries left.

and it's not just about strawberry picking.  they also have the sweet berry express barrel train, the berry bounce (think jumpy jump on the ground), face painting, goats to feed and more that i'm probably forgetting.   neely wasn't a big fan of feeding the goats.  she tried but every time they came in close to her hand she flipped out.  i should also mention that we all really enjoyed their strawberry lemonade and homemade ice creams.  i think kelby had strawberry ice cream, kevyn picked berry berry, and natalie had vanilla.  neely opted for a sucker.  ;)   

after about 3 hrs of fun, i used some of my reliable negotiating tactics and got them back in the car.  and when i called the guys to see what hole they were on and found out i needed to kill some more time, we headed to downtown marble falls to do some shopping.  i warned the guys that the extra time would cost them.

we then spent the rest of the day swimming at the resort which was perfect since natalie and kevyn start swim team practice on monday and i was kinda nervous they would be a little rusty on the first day.  they've been doing "land training" the past two weeks, but monday they will get in the pool for the first time.  i feel a lot better after seeing them swim this weekend.

after a late dinner at the resort and walking around some, the girls were exhausted and we got no complaints when we said it was time to go to bed.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed about that surveillance tape so i can start planning our next trip back!


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