one room challenge {week 5}

we are just going to pretend that i didn't skip week 4.

so here we are week 5 of the one room challenge.  you can view all the other participants here and my last one room challenge post here.

so where am i?  well my desk is FINALLY in!  yay!!!  y'all i don' t think i've ever waited/thought about a piece of furniture as much as i've done with this desk.

it's a little deeper than what i would like for the space, but it's size does make for a large work area which is also nice.  and i love that it's not bulky.  

my mom helped me rearrange the room a little and moved the antique wood filing cabinet into the corner of the room most visible when entering.  i really do love this piece and think it was a great idea to put it front and center versus it being hidden behind the door.

the change then puts the skirted table hidden behind the door.  and i'm happy i procrastinated in getting my mom to cut some slits for our wires because now the slits will need to placed on the opposite side.  

so when i left last time i noted that i still need to find a lamp (or two).  my youngest and i made a little shopping trip on sunday but came home sans lamps.  ugh!  we even went to home goods where i almost always find what i'm looking for...  i did not get home goods happy.  ;)

i have one more shopping trip scheduled before the final reveal so i'm keeping my fingers crossed i find something.  if not, i will be shopping my home.

one week to go!  eek!

~ becky


  1. love love love the wood cabinet!!

  2. The wood cabinet and desk are beautiful! Your office is going to look great!

  3. I love the look of the darker wood desk against the slip covered parsons chair. So classic and elegant.

  4. That is the prettiest file cabinet I've ever seen.

  5. I'm loving your look of the office! My office is the last room, besides our master finishes in ORC this around, in our house that needs to be finished! That desk is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your big reveal! A few more days, we can do this!


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