one room challenge {week 6}

daaaang!  that went by way too fast!

so here i am squeaking something out the final hour....  typical.  is the room done?  no.  is it better than six weeks ago?  yes!  and that to me makes participating in the one room challenge totally worth it!  i'm not one who can look at a room, decorate it all in my head, and then go and purchase everything at once.  i like to do it in layers.  buy something, make sure it works, and go on from there.  so even though the six weeks is up, i'm not stopping!  i've got a list of items to purchase and DIY's to be done!

soooo....  with out further ado, here is my guest room/office space:

off to the left you can see the skirted table my mom and husband helped me with.  and above the table is some shelving we installed last weekend.  the brackets were $5 a pair from ikea that i spray painted an aged brass, and the shelving is pine that i stained.

my solution to all the papers that seemed to clutter our desk was to get myself and jeff each a document box.  i'm the type of person that needs to clear my desk before i can work.  having all the papers tucked away makes me happy.  :)

instead of purchasing new lamps, again, i spray painted some that i already had the same aged brass i used for the ikea brackets.  (i have my eye on a few other items i want to spray paint the same color.  nothing is safe in this house.)  i love the way they turned out.  we also painted the iron bed a gray color.  originally it was ivory and it needed to change since everything else in the room is a pretty bright white.

my shelves definitely need some styling.  after searching around on pinterest and other blogs, i've compiled a list of guest room essentials.  i plan on adding a few of those items to the shelves.

i also want to add some hooks to that back wall.  i saved a few antique wooden hangers of my grandparents i would like to have them hang on that back wall for guests to use.

so, like i said, it's not done, but it is better.  now if i could just get my act together to finish the rest of our house...

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  1. 6 weeks later, this looks fantastic!! I have no doubt that you will make it perfect in your own time. Congrats.

  2. It's looking good so far...no worries, life happens. I can't wait to see the finished space :-)

  3. Hey I always say....a room should evolve! What you have accomplish looks great so I am sure in time you will have a finished space:)

  4. I really like the table skirt - this is a great room just as it is!

  5. You are further than you were six weeks ago, so that is a winner! Looking good and it doesn't look like it will be much longer...whenever that is. Great job for jumping in.

  6. What a pretty space! I went a little crazy with brass spray paint and gold-leafing as well during the ORC. Great job! :)


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