Back to School + LunchBlox

This just doesn’t feel right…  In 3 weeks my babies will be going back to school.  It ain’t right. 

Last year I waited until the very last minute to buy school supplies.  I will never again make that mistake.  In our VERY small town we have one VERY small Wal-Mart.  And while I do feel our local Wal-Mart does scan the local school supply list when stocking their inventory, things like oh I don’t know…  a plastic yellow folder with brads and pockets can be a real pain in the rear to find.  I was super thankful that Uncle Darren still worked in Austin and was willing to help me find some of the hot items on his lunch break.

This year I’m all over it.  As soon as they started stocking the shelves I was there with list in hand.  Can you believe that same damn plastic yellow folder with brads and pockets is haunting me again this year?!? 

The girls backpacks from last year still look almost brand new so I really can’t justify buying them new ones.  Especially since they aren’t asking for a new one.  I did however let them pick out new lunch boxes which I got for a steal during one of Gap’s big sales! 

By the way, that side bun hairdo of Kelby's is her "signature style" I've been told.

I also ordered these Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kid's Flat Lunch Box Kit which fit perfectly into their lunch boxes.  What I really love about the LunchBlox is that all the compartments snap into the blue ice tray.  Kelby’s old lunch box had a mesh pocket inside that I slid a freezer pack into.  The new ones from Gap do not have the inside pocket, but with the LunchBlox it is not needed.

The girls plea with me on a daily basis to let them use their new lunch boxes.  I’m holding out, but I too am secretly excited to start filling up their LunchBlox. 

Which brings me to my next topic…  Have y’all heard of Family FreshCooking?  I’ve been following Marla’s blog for some time and have made several of her recipes.  Several years ago she started Project Lunch Box (you can read about that here) and many of her posts are of lunch box meal suggestions.  You know, more than just a PB&J sandwich and chips (which by the way my kids would eat every single day if I let them).  I find it all incredibly inspiring.  You should check her out.  :)

I’ve also started a Pinterest board to collect more lunch ideas.  You can view that board here

Now off to savoring these last few weeks of summer!


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