july 4th

i hope you all had an amazing fourth!  in keeping with our annual tradition, we went to round top for their annual fourth of july parade.  it really never disappoints.  and each year the attendance seems to grow.  i was told that it attracts over 20,000.  20,000 people.  round top is listed as having a population of 91.  that's nuts.

jeff, darren, dad and myself got there plenty early to claim our spot alongside the parade route.  mom (aka granny) was finishing up a week of family camp with the girls and would be meeting us there.  when i called to touch base with her and let her know where to look for us, she warned me that the girls would be looking rough and not to judge her.  rough was putting it nicely.  they were sticky and smelly.  their hair still showed signs of it being sprayed with various colors earlier in the week and was crunchy.  i'm guessing that was from all the pool time and chlorine.  and i'm pretty sure i saw a cloud of dirt following them much like pig-pen.

it was very clear they had a great time at camp with granny.  thank you!  and thank you to aunt joyce and uncle dave for also going to camp to help out!    

kevyn watched a few of the fair queens wave and then began to practice her own wave.  you know...  for when she is on one of those fair queen floats.

lloyd & harry

after the parade i followed granny back to the camp to help clean up and attend the closing.  it was our intention to come home, get dressed, and head out to another july 4th celebration, but that got vetoed by the guys.  we made them pinky promise us that we would go next year.  (see guys, i now have it documented!)  instead we bbq'd at the house and did fireworks later that evening.

my pictures of the fireworks are not good.  i still haven't figured out the best way to take them.  but i did think that these were cool enough to share :)

the next evening we headed to bastrop for dinner and then their patriotic festival.  this was our first time going so we weren't really sure what to expect.  my mom and dad brought lawn chairs while i just opted for quilts on the ground for the rest of us.  big mistake.  we had to layer the blankets since it had rained pretty good earlier in the day which made our spot pretty small.  and for whatever reason our girls decided to use the small quilted area as their wrestling mat.  not kidding.  it was like wwe smackdown until the sun set.  we are definitely going to have to remember lawn chairs next time.  

bastrop put on a good fireworks show while the austin symphonic band played.  it was great and i would highly recommend it for anyone who lives nearby.  

oh and check out my instagram feed in my sidebar to see my house looking pretty patriotic for the 4th!

~ becky

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