the big catch

We’re back from another fun and totally relaxing weekend at the lake Sommerville!  The weather in Texas this summer has been pleasantly mild and we’ve been spending as much time outside as possible to enjoy it.  I woke up early Saturday morning and went outside to drink my coffee and needed a blanket to keep warm.  That’s nuts!  It’s July!  IN TEXAS!

Our highlight of the weekend would definitely have to be Saturday morning’s big catch.  The guys had set out jug lines the night prior so Saturday after breakfast we all hopped in the boat to see if they had caught anything.  You can usually tell if you got a fish by if the jug is being tugged or pulled.  As we were approaching the third jug you could tell something big was on the line.  The jug was being pulled on pretty good.  We ended up catching a rather large buffalo carp.  It was exciting, but since buffalo carp don’t exactly taste great we ended up throwing it back. 

As the guys were re-baiting the lines, Kevyn noticed that another one of our jugs was being pulled on pretty good.  And as we got closer you could tell the guys were getting pretty curious too.  It took the three of them to pull the line up and to their surprise they had caught a 44” and 48 lb blue catfish and another 7 lb blue catfish below that!  It was pretty exciting to watch them pull it in and then figure out what to do with it once we got it in the boat.  There was no way it would fit in the live well.  It was as big as Neely! 

A catfish of that size might not taste that great either, but we still decided to keep it and hope to give it a try in a few weeks. 

I also figured out why Kevyn had a new found interest in fishing.  As she was watching all the commotion I heard her say “Mmmm, catfish!”  And then lick her lips.  Geez…

On the way back to the campsite, the guys got a lot of attention for their big catch.  They had several people stop to take pictures.  My sister-in-law and I thought it was quite funny that Jeff was stuck carrying the fish and therefore forced to be in all the pictures since we know how much he loves taking pictures.  ;)

She's going to hate me for this picture when she is older, but I love it! :)

By chance, Saturday was also the Dam Lake Fest at Welch Park.  We stayed at Yegua, and our campsite looks directly at Welch.  We had heard on the radio that they would have fireworks that night so we positioned our chairs to look out across the lake at Welch.  At about 9:45 we were able to watch a pretty magical fireworks show across the lake.  It was awesome.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!


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