kindergarten & 2nd grade

am i the only momma that goes full blown crazy person on the first day of school?  i mean as soon as i drop them off i begin counting down the minutes until school is out.  and it's not because i'm worried about how they did...  i know they will be fine and are in great hands.  i just want to hear about how much they loved their first day, and tell me about their teacher and any new friends they made.  it's probably the ONLY day out of the entire school year that they (and I) will be excited about doing their homework.

thankfully we all made it out of bed in time to snap a few pictures before heading to school.  now before you think oh look at becky trying to get all artistic with her wonky angled shot...  let me just clarify that wasn't what was happening.  the above mentioned crazy person had apparently already set in and i had no idea i was holding my camera wonky until i reviewed my pictures.  #momfail

kevyn is trying her hardest not to laugh while the cat is going up her dress... lol!

i'm so excited for these girls as they both have amazing teachers.  they like won the teacher lottery!  i say that, but in all honesty we knew who we were getting...  their small school only has one class per grade!

and in case you saw my instagram post from kindergarten orientation...  don't worry.  kevyn managed to "get her act together" in time and was not "in a mood."  geez this kid...  

~ becky

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