port aransas round 2!

this summer we were lucky enough this summer to visit port aransas twice!  once with jeff's family and once with mine.   the girls absolutely love the beach and get right to work with their sand castles and sea shell collecting.  not to mention all while working on their insane tans!  #jealous

on friday night we took a pirate cruise around the bay.  we've seen the pirate ship sailing around before the girls had talked about wanting to do it.  our kids, ages 7, 7, 5, and 4, were probably just the right age.  i'm not sure if in two years they would have enjoyed it as much as they did.  kelby, who is 7 going on 17, was already throwing some eye rolls.

can i just say i love how kevyn wears her headbands?!?  

while cruising around the bay, the pirates led the kids in various activities all in preparation of making them official pirates.  it was cute and nat & kevyn really enjoyed it.

they first had to mop the deck...

then sword fight...

hunt for treasure...

and then they were painted in to character...

oh and that girl above, her dad works on the pirate ship and she goes with him every evening.  umm...  how cool is that?!?  "hey, what did you do this summer?  oh nothing, just worked on my dad's pirate ship."  

and before the cruise ended, they were all awarded certificates...

until next time port a!


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