easter 2015

brrr!  don't let the shorts and short sleeves fool you...  easter this year quite chilly!  so much so that our original plan of hosting our family easter at a local park was changed to easter at our house where we could get away from the wind.  the girls love having all the cousins at their house (as do I!) and holding easter here made it feel more easter'y to me.  for those of you who don't remember, our house was once my grandparents house and the house we held every family gathering at.  the picture below of all the littles lined up on the driveway for the egg hunt resembles the pictures of their parents all lined up many many years ago.  (although I do remember some front porch starts as well.)

of course, the aunts (or antz as they like to call themselves) had some silly games prepared for us...  

see...  we all fit.  ;)

sunday after church we headed over to jeff's aunts for a wonderful meal and a HUGE egg hunt for the girls!  and in keeping with tradition, there was a pinata and cascarones too!

i just love kevyn's face when she realizes she found the goose egg!

sweet cousins!

~ becky
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