dance recital + surviving the blue bell famine of 2015

anyone else in central texas sick of the rain?!?  it seriously has rained everyday for the last three weeks.  historically, by memorial day we are praying for rain in church as many in our rural community are farmer or ranchers and depend on rain.  this year we are praying the rain stops.  our area has been hit hard by severe weather and flooding.  thankfully, we haven't directly been affected.  my prayers go out to all those who have been affected especially those in the wimberley, tx area.

this weekend natalie & kevyn had their dance recital.  they did so good and looked so cute on stage!  their class performed two routines - one ballet and one tap.  they performed their ballet routine to the perfect nanny from the mary poppins sound track (so sweet!) and their tap routine to abc by the jackson 5 (such a hoot!).  kevyn gets so into her routines and really feels the music.  i love watching her!  and nat looks so cute concentrating to get each step right.  

we really enjoyed their teacher this year and kevyn can't wait to start up again in the fall.  nat is still undecided.  ;)

if you follow me on instagram (there should be a link in the sidebar or click here) you would have seen that we've created a summer bucket list.  we have four days of school left (woohoo!) and can't wait for the sun to come out so we can start enjoying our summer!  our chalkboard is full of things that we came up with as a family and include a campout, a lemonade stand, going to an aquarium, and hosting a bbq on our new patio.  that patio has not been completed yet so completing the patio is also on the bucket list.  ;)  also on our bucket list are smaller items like decorating cupcakes, making chalk (pinterest to the rescue!) and making ice cream.  being the overachievers we are we decided to go ahead get started by making ice cream. 

i'm not going to lie...  it was pretty darn good!  and it gives me hope that i will survive the blue bell famine of 2015.  



not giving up!

so what do you do when you temporarily black out and forget about your blog for oh, i don't know...  6 months?!?  

you dump a crap ton of photos over the last 6 months into one post and call it a day.  ;)


i'm withholding easter pics with hopes that i can still pull off an easter post.  fingers crossed!

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