another great swim season!

our little swimmers had an awesome season!  both kevyn & natalie improved so much from last year!  and as it is with most sports, they seemed to be finding their groove just as the season comes to an end.  a few moms and i have vowed to find an indoor pool for these littles to practice in next winter so they can get a head start.  our swim team only has access to an outdoor pool and they typically start water training in april when it still very cold outside!  yet despite their lack of practice, our girls can still hang with the larger teams that do have indoor facilities.

because parents are required to volunteer at the meets, i didn't have the opportunity to get my camera out until the very last meet.  all the kids get marked first thing with their event #, heat #, and lane # on their forearms.  this is very helpful for the volunteers working the ready bench.  all the other body markings are to aid in optimal performance.  ;)  they sometimes get a little carried away...  

i love this set of pictures because it really shows how well kevyn has gotten with her dives by comparison to others her age.

kevyn is on the freestyle relay team for her age group.  at the last meet they smoked the other team by 30 seconds.  that's not an exaggeration.  i was just viewing the results online.  wowza!

much like last year, we still have to remind kevyn not to look for us.  and that we see her and she can look at us when she is done.  (it's really bad when she does the backstroke!)  she must have caught a glimpse of me taking her picture because i caught a few with her smiling.  silly girl.

nat has also improved so much on her diving...

...and her breaststroke technique!

way to go nat & kevyn!  so proud of you both and the awesome swim season!

~ becky

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